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Water Conservation
CGB homes use at least 20,000 gallons less water than similar, newly constructed “non green” homes by featuring:
  • Innovative plumbing systems and fixtures
    • Parallel hot water piping; or Hot water recirculation system
    • High-efficiency toilet(s) (HET) (= 1.28 gpf)
    • High-efficiency clothes washer as a buyer option (water factor ≤ 6.0)
  • New designs for landscaping and irrigation
    • Front yard landscaping with a maximum of 75% turf, drought tolerant plants, and a high-efficiency drip irrigation system
    • Weather-based irrigation controllers that provide only the amount of water required to sustain the landscaping (Smart Controller)
    • Large front yards with very little or no turf may save enough water for a builder to avoid installing a WBIC as part of their water conservation plan
  • OR
  • Enrollment in the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s California Friendly water conservation program. For more information, visit www.bewaterwise.com. (Rebates may be applicable to MWD customers only. Other water districts may offer similar rebates and programs)

    Download California Friendly 300 Plant Species