Certification Process
  1. A production home2 builder submits the completed California Green Builder (CGB) Application to the program coordinator with required attachments and $400 application fee (payable to California Green Builder Program) for each subdivision seeking CGB certification to:

    California Green Builder
    Attn: CGB Program Coordinator
    7407 Tam O'Shanter Drive
    Stockton, CA 95210
    (866) 340-8912

  2. The CGB program coordinator reviews submitted materials for accuracy and verifies compliance with CGB requirements. Upon approval BII shall designate the project as "CGB Applicant" pending final inspections of the subdivision(s). The time for preliminary application review shall not exceed three weeks once all material has been received. After reviewing project documentation, Builder is entitled to use the California Green Builder Logo and to designate the project as a California Green Builder subdivision or community.

  3. The CGB certified inspector1 shall inspect the first unit of each floor plan within 2 working days of receiving an inspection request from the Builder. The Inspector shall transmit inspection results to the HERS Provider within 24 hours of completing each inspection. The HERS Provider shall deliver completed CF-4R and CGB-RVF forms to the Builder and copies to the CGB Coordinator within 2 working days of receiving inspection results from the Inspector. After BII reviews and approves the CF-4R and CGB-RVF, BII shall timely issue California Green Builder Project Certificate (The Certificate, hereafter.).

  4. If Builder changes features that affect CGB compliance, Builder shall immediately notify BII. The Builder shall timely provide verification that the subdivision, as modified, complies with the CGB requirements.

  5. CGB certified inspectors shall provide final inspection results to Builder and to BII during build-out to verify project compliance with CGB requirements.

  6. BII shall randomly inspect homes to ensure that CGB Requirements have been met.

  7. Once certified, fees for participation in the CA Green Builder program are:

    Per lot certification flat fee of $50

These fees apply to subdivisions certified for the California Green Builder program after September 1, 2004. These fees do not include the cost of CGB-required third party inspections.

1CGB certified inspector is a HERS Rater with additional CGB Training. CGB certified inspectors are independent third party contractors that must be retained and paid by CGB builders independent of CGB’s certification fees.
2Production home builders are builders who build at least 85 homes a year or build subdivisions with master plan approval for their building permits.